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Quraniah has Qualified Teachers Ready To Get You Started

Reading Quran in a way that you can understand its meaning and pronounce the words correctly is a major achievement for a Muslim. But the path to get there can be difficult if you don’t have proper guidance. Join Quraniah’s classes to learn how to read the Quran the right way. Build a strong foundation so you can read with confidence every day and grow your Eman.

Why Should You Learn the Quran Online?

You might not have access to qualified Quran tutors based on where you live, but with Quraniah’s online Quran learning course you can. Technology has come a long way and now you can have highly interactive online practical sessions in real-time and gain a deeper understanding of the Quran.

Learning the Quran online reduces the need to physically travel to classes. This makes it much easier for you to attend classes at your convenience and still get all the benefits of learning the Quran in a structured way from experienced teachers.

Benefits of Our Quran Classes

You can choose between different time slots for your Quran classes with Quraniah. Some other benefits of this course include:

  1. Recitation from beginner level
  2. Qualified Tutors
  3. Audio recordings of various Qaris
  4. Regular recitation sessions with your Tutor
  5. Periodic Revisions to keep you on track
  6. Easily accessible because the classes are online

The Rewards for Muslims who Learn to Read Quran

Since the Quran is the Book of Allah, anyone who learns to read it is promised a high reward in the hereafter. In a Sahih Al- Bukhari hadith Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said [paraphrased here] that the best amongst the Muslims are those who learn and teach the Quran.

In another hadith quoted in Jami al-Tirmidhi Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said [paraphrased here] that for every letter of Quran that a Muslim recites Allah (SWT) will multiply it by ten times.

There are countless other occasions and Ahadith where the importance of reading and learning the Quran is described in similar ways. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to gain rewards.

Why Should You Choose Quraniah for Learning Quran?

Choose Quraniah to learn Quran online because our focus is to provide you with authentic Quranic education in a collaborative environment

Stellar Resources

Our tutors create study guides that are unlike any other. After carefully evaluating the needs of our learners and testing out different models we have now developed resources that will help you continue to learn even after you complete this course.

Quality Assessments

Our assessments are not simple tests with the highest grade for the most correct answers; rather we base the assessments on how well the learner has progressed over the given period, class participation and other factors.

Different Learning Styles

We understand that people learn in different ways. Some prefer audio-visual presentations to understand the lesson while others are readers. We accommodate various learning styles to ensure all our learners can benefit from the online classes.

Different Packages for your Convenience

Look through the three different plans we have to see which one is the best fit for you.

Learn to Read Quran with Quraniah

Few of the features our program has to offer include

You can learn to read the Quran in a structured way with easy instructions with Quraniah. Not only do we have qualified tutors with degrees from the Jamia Islamia Al Madinah al Munawwarah but our lessons are interactive and the curriculum is designed for busy individuals like you. Here are a few more reasons you should join the Quraniah Quran Academy:

1. Flexible Scheduling

A great struggle for Muslims when it comes to attending classes for the Quran is scheduling, because this timing may clash with your work or school. That’s why we offer flexible schedules so you can decide which sessions you want to join.

2. From the Noorani Qaida to Advance Level Reciter

Our Quran learning course is extensive. If you are a beginner starting with the Noorani Qaida then you will be a fluent Quran reciter by the time you complete the course Inshallah.

3. Tilawah Module

We offer specialized Tilawah modules where you will learn to recite the Quran with exceptional Tajweed like your favourite Qari.

4. Memorization Classes

In this Quran course, you will also memorize some portions of the Quran. After covering all the Arabic letter basics and the Tajweed introduction you will memorize beginning with the smaller surah from the 30th Juz of the Quran. That way you can recite the Quran more frequently and get better at reading it as well.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Learning to read the Quran is a basic requirement of Islam.

FAQs About Quraniah’s Quran Reading Course:

1. Who should enrol in learn to read Quran Classes?

Anyone who wants to learn the Quran should enrol in our Quran classes. Your kids as young as 4 years old can also participate. You can even join if you already have a basic understanding of how to read the Quran, we will evaluate your level and begin classes according to it.

2. How much of the Quran will my teacher cover in this course?

It depends on your pace and the number of classes you have each week. The focus is to teach the rules and method of reading the Quran and getting comfortable with reciting on your own. Because once you learn how to read you can continue on your own.

3. I have already covered the Noorani Qaida. Will I have to repeat it?

No, if you are a beginner then we will start learning to read the Quran with basic Arabic. But if you are somewhat of an advanced reader then you will begin from where our tutors believe you need to start from.  

4. What makes Quraniah’s Quran Recitation Course better than others?

Our classes are engaging and interactive so learners are not easily distracted. We teach using audio-visual lectures and conduct quality assessments throughout the module. You can choose your tutor based on their profiles and change teachers in case there is a need. Scroll to the top to read about some more reasons.

5. Will I also learn Tajweed in this course?

Yes, in our Quran course you will learn an introduction to Tajweed so that you can recite it correctly.  We offer separate Tajweed courses as well for advanced learners who only need to work on their pronunciations.

6. Do I have to pass tests to earn my course completion certificate?

Yes, our tests gauge your progress and passing them ensures that you learned the content for which you are getting the certificate. Your tutors will guide you about the tests. These determine how well you can read the Quran and if you are ready to move to the next level.

Want to talk some more about Online Quran Classes?

We are here to answer any more questions you might have about our classes or tutors of the courses we offer on Quraniah. Sign up to send us a message and learn more about this great opportunity to strengthen your knowledge of the Quran.