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Experienced, Qualified and Adaptive Quran Tutors for Online Quran Classes

You have come to the right place if you are in search of competent online Quran tutors with proper credentials to teach Tajweed, Tilawah and Tahfeez. It is important to lay a solid foundation of Tajweed when you are just starting on the spiritual journey of learning the Quran.

With Quraniah, you can choose your online Quran tutors for yourself or your kids. Our teachers are highly qualified with degrees from prestigious Islamic universities. Here is what you have to do; sign up, select a tutor and a plan, set up your class timings and begin learning.

Learn Quran from Competent Online Quran Tutors Handpicked for You

We noticed that there is a lack of qualified and experienced tutors available on a single platform online. So we decided to fix that issue. Our Quran tutors are handpicked to give you the best value of the time that you spend with them learning the Quran. Here are some more characteristics of our outstanding Quran tutors:

  1. Multilingual
  2. Verified Teaching Credentials
  3. Graduates of Jamia Islamia Al Madinah al Munawwarah
  4. Male and Female Tutors
  5. Online Quran Tutors Especially for Kids
  6. Hafiz Tutors for Tahfeez classes
  7. Adaptable according to Student’s needs
  8. Good Communicators
  9. Supportive towards Learners

What Sets Our Online Quran Tutors Apart from the Rest?

There are hundreds of Quran tutors online who are willing to teach you the most important book on the planet. But we believe our tutors will offer you a better learning experience. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Quraniah’s Tutors over all else:  

  1. Meticulous interview process before onboarding
  2. Background checks to make sure we only hire highly proficient Quran tutors for you.
  3. Motivated to help you succeed
  4. Safe learning environment
  5. Available for different time zones
  6. Tech-savvy to manage classrooms
  7. Passionate tutors who teach creatively
  8. Accessible

Why Us?

We have designed Quraniah to be THE platform for Muslims to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the Quran. From engaging curriculum to gamification of lessons, we ensure our students learn the most during their time with us.  Here are some of the reasons why this platform can be a good fit for you:

  1. Hassle-free signups

We don’t require too many details and personal information for the signup. You only need to submit the essential information which is required for payment processing and certifications.

  1. No travel

If there are no Quran tutors near you or travelling to the Islamic centre for Quran classes is the reason you can’t attend lessons, then our platform has the solution. Home-based learning saves time and offers you the opportunity to attend lessons from anywhere, at any time.

  1. Choose your tutors

We don’t randomly assign you a tutor when you sign up. Rather, we ask some questions to learn about your preferences and narrow down a list of available tutors for you. From there, you can choose the one you like based on their profile and student reviews.

  1. Learn in Your Native Language

Our online Quran tutors are multilingual so you can learn in your native language. This should help you understand the Quran better and also learn the Tajweed in more depth by linking the words and the pronunciations to your native tongue. 

Our Quran Teaching Philosophy

We know that the Quran is the primary source of guidance for Muslims; hence we try to help our learners understand the knowledge inside this holy book by teaching them how to read and recite it properly, which is the first step before learning its meaning and message.

Our approach to teaching the Quran includes individual and group recitation and memorization sessions, student-teacher and peer discussions, tests, interactive lessons, following individual learners’ pace, motivation and encouragement from the tutors.

Our goal is to help you or your child learn Arabic reading, recitations and make a connection with the Quran that will continue on for your entire lifetime.

FAQs About Quraniah’s Online Quran Tutors:

  1. Can I contact my teacher outside of class?

Yes, you can contact your teacher regarding class timing or to discuss other updates regarding your education. We encourage you to communicate with your tutors professionally and use the official Quraniah channels when you want to talk to your Quran tutors.

  1. Can I change my Quran tutor if s/he is not a good fit?

Yes. You can change your Quran tutor during your course. Although there will generally not be a need to do so because all our tutors are highly trained and professional so they won’t give you a reason to not want to continue with them. However, if for any reason you want to get a new tutor, simply send us a request on our official email with a reason and we will process your request.

  1. Can I learn some details about my tutor before selecting one?

Yes, we will provide you with a profile of the tutors to select from. If you find the information to be insufficient then you can ask for more details by emailing us. You can also ask your tutor about their experience or other specifics when you meet them on Zoom for your first session.

  1. What makes Quraniah Tutors qualified to teach?

Our Quran tutors have teaching credentials and Ijazah certificates that we verify before bringing them on our platform. They have degrees or diplomas from well-renowned Islamic universities including the most prestigious Jamia Islamia Al Madinah al Munawwarah. The tutors also have many years of experience teaching students of various levels in different parts of the world.

  1. What is Quraniah?

Quraniah is an online Quran academy where we offer classes on Tajweed, Tilawah, Makharij and Tahfeez. Our goal is to equip each learner with the tools and the knowledge to read, recite and learn the Quran, either with our tutors or by themselves once they complete our course. We offer classes for kids, adults and families and grant certificates at the completion of these classes. 

  1. Can I book a one-on-one session with a Quran Tutor instead of a group class?

Yes, you can book a one-on-one class instead of a group class. Or opt for a hybrid system where some of the lessons are on an individual basis while others are with the group. There are benefits to both types of classes. With the one-on-one class, you get the undivided attention of your tutor and in a group, you get to have a healthy discussion on topics and engage with your peers.

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