Quran Classes For Kids

Highly Interactive and Engaging Quran Classes for your kids

Learning Quran can be a challenge if you don’t have access to Quranic tutors where you live. That’s why we bring you Quran classes for kids, so that your kids can learn to study the Quran from experienced tutors from the comfort of your home.

We understand how difficult it is to connect your Muslim kids to Tajweed and Quran. Join our specially designed Quran classes for kids to get them interested in the Quran. 

We have interactive and engaging classes keeping in mind that kids have short attention spans. Your children will learn from tutors who have 25+ years of experience and have mastered the art of teaching youngsters

Why Should One Learn The Quran From a Young Age?

Benefits of Starting This Journey Early On In Life

Young kids pick up new languages and subjects much faster than adults. If your kids’ mother tongue is not Arabic then starting Quran classes from a young age will help them learn the correct Tajweed and the meanings early on. This way they will memorize the Quran faster.

Understanding the meaning of the Quran will allow them to develop a deeper connection with the book of Allah. So by the time they are ready to perform the daily five prayers, they will have memorized enough Quran that they can easily perform Salah and fulfil this Islamic duty. 

Features of Our Quran Classes for Kids

It is challenging to spark kids’ interest while teaching online. That’s why our Quran tutors for young kids are those who have taught many kids classes and have the skillset to keep your kids engaged.   

  1. Interactive lessons designed for kids
  2. Audiovisual classes to keep kids engaged
  3. Activities to stimulate curiosity about lessons
  4. Learn to read Quran fluently in months
  5. Prompt Customer Support for technical issues
  6. Tutors with 25+ years of experience

Here is what Quraniah’s Quran Classes for Kids Will Cover

We welcome kids who are absolute beginners to the Quran and also who are somewhat advanced. We cater to all your needs and offer classes that suit our different learners. Here are some of the modules your kids will cover during this course: 

1. Introduction to Arabic using graphics and phonations

Teaching a new language to kids is a task for skilled teachers who know how to keep these little ones interested throughout. We use graphics and gamification strategy to teach Arabic letters, sounds and rules of joining etc.

2. Tajweed rules in easy to understand terms

Our Tajweed module is designed to stimulate consistent participation from your kids. We encourage laughter in class and engage kids to practice different sounds while learning Tajweed. Here our focus is less on teaching written rules and more on helping them understand these principles practically.

3. Reading practices from individual words to sentences

These Quran classes for kids include periodic practice sessions where your kid will read one-on-one with the tutor. This will allow the tutor to point out the issues with your kids’ reading and help them improve with constructive feedback.

4. Recitation of small chapters of the Quran

As your kid progresses s/he will memorize the smaller chapters in the Quran and recite them by heart. The number of chapters memorized will depend on his/her pace and learning abilities.

5. Repetition of the past lessons in the form of games

We conduct regular repetition classes to ensure that the kids still remember the past lessons. Periodic revision strengthens the brain connections and reinforces the knowledge in the mind.

6. Tests to mark the child’s progress and adjust the pace accordingly

The reason we conduct tests is not to assign grades to your kids but to gauge their progress. Parents appreciate report cards because it helps them understand the value in our classes. We do report cards a bit differently. We define progress in terms of how much your kid has improved since the last assessment.  

Why Should You Learn with Quraniah?

Many online Quran academies offer Quran classes for kids but Quraniah is different for many reasons some of which are:

  1. Interactive instruction and demonstrations

Learning online without the physical classroom environment is tough enough. Kids find it harder to focus on lessons delivered online than in-person. Therefore, after meticulous research and testing, we have developed courses that are interactive like no other and encourage long term engagement.

  1. We are outcome-focused

Our courses are self-paced so that your kid progresses at whichever speed s/he wants. Our focus is on teaching your kid the correct Tajweed and recitation of the Quran.

  1. Supportive tutors

Since our tutors have decades of experience teaching Quran to different age groups, they know how to engage even the most reluctant online learners. They are trained to be supportive and create a stimulating environment for your kids to learn the Quran. 

  1. Emphasis on a Good Learning Experience

We want your kids to enjoy learning the Quran. They can continue the practice of daily recitations and memorization in their lives only if they make a happy connection with it from a young age.

Plans and Pricing

You have options to choose the number of classes you want to attend each week and also select the length of your Quran course for kids. Look through the different plans and opt for the one that best suits you.

FAQs About Quran Classes for Kids:

1. What is the minimum age for the Quran classes for kids?

You can register kids aged 3+ in our Quran Classes for kids. Children younger than 3 cannot focus on structured learning therefore we accept kids at least 3 years old and above.

2. Do you have memorization classes for kids?

Yes. Memorization is an important part of learning the Quran. We offer modules where your kids will learn the small chapters of the Quran from Juz 30, to begin with. For kids who want to memorize further, we also offer separate Tahfeez courses where your kids can memorize the entire Quran.

3. Can I sit with my kid while s/he is taking the class?

Yes, if you want to check in on your kids’ progress or if your kid is easily distracted then you can sit with him/her to make sure they are paying attention. If you want to enrol as a student yourself then we recommend you sign up for our family Quran classes.

4. What makes Quraniah Tutors qualified to teach kids?

Our tutors have 25+ years of teaching experience. valid Ijazah certificates and academic qualifications from Islamic universities such as Jamia Islamia Al Madinah al Munawwarah. We run background checks on our tutors to make sure they have great references before they can become Quraniah tutors.

5. What are some of the milestones for kids in these classes?

The various milestones include proficiency in reading Arabic letters and joining them, reading complete sentences, following basic Tajweed rules, and memorizing small chapters. We set these to gauge your child’s progress.

6. Do you have discounts if I register more than one kid?

Yes, we offer a 20% family discount when you register more than one kid. This offer is valid if you enrol any two members of the same family.

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